R.L’s waffles areJapanese waffles.

Since our establishment on December 1st, 1991, we have been offering customers "a life with waffles."
Our goal is to present to the world the "Japanese style waffle," not as it was originally made in Europe, but as a new waffle created with our Japanese sensibilities.


The "waffle cake," that has been available since our establishment in 1991, offers the deliciousness and color of seasonal ingredients, and the "COROCORO waffle," born from the unique idea of baking cookies in a waffle baker.
Both are our representative specialties of R.L's.


waffle cake

Fruits and cream are sandwiched between a moist and fluffy waffle dough. It's colorful and cute, and is recommended as a sweet gift or a souvenir.



The crispy texture of simple ingredients baked with our original method has a delicious taste that lingers in the mouth. The bite-sized pieces are perfect for tea time at home or enjoyed as an office refreshment.


Dummy. Products are available in both our
physical and online stores.

For corporate and large order customers

We also welcome requests for original packaging and personalization according to your budget, such as greeting gifts and gifts for various events.

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