waffle cake

waffle cake

Since our establishment, it has been the representative product of R.L, that's been loved by a wide range of people. Japanese waffle cake with "just the right amount of sweetness." While maintaining our unchanged style, we will continue to grow in the pursuit of even more deliciousness.



The waffle cake is all about the batter.

The moist and fluffy waffle dough has a simple taste with just the right amount of sweetness. It enhances the deliciousness of the ingredients combined.


It's both Japaneseand Western

Using matcha green tea, adzuki beans, chocolate, and seasonal fruits, the "Japanese waffle" is a well-balanced combination of Japanese and Western ingredients. It goes well with coffee and tea, of course, but also with Japanese tea.


Easy to pick up and eat with one hand.

A great size for easy eating without the hassle of cutting it into pieces. They are perfect for snacking on at tea time or sharing at events and parties.