The "waffle cake," that has been available since our establishment in 1991, offers the deliciousness and color of seasonal ingredients, and the "COROCORO waffle," born from the unique idea of baking cookies in a waffle baker.

Both are our representative specialties of R.L's.


waffle cake

Taste the Four Seasons

Our signature product, symbolizing R.L, with cream and fruits sandwiched in waffle dough and baked gently one by one. The original flavors of the ingredients are carefully preserved. We've sold nearly 900 different waffle recipes, and we offer a colorful assortment of 20 seasonal recipes that change monthly.

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Enjoy the Form

Cookie-type waffles baked into bite-size pieces are also characterized by their unique shape. In addition to the four standard flavors ― plain, strawberry, chocolate, and maple ― dozens of region specific flavors are also available.

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