About R.L

R.L was established on December 1st, 1991, as a waffle specialty store.

Our atelier, which started as a first-class architectural office, was born out of a desire to design not only architecture, but also interiors, furniture, tableware, and even the food on the plates, an idea that led to the birth of the store.

The waffles born in Europe have been given a Japanese sensibility, and like architectural design, every detail has been thought through to create a unique form. Like the highly acclaimed Japanese culture, we want our waffles to be "Japanese waffles" that are loved around the world.

About the brand name

The name of the brand, pronounced "ale-el" in French, is derived from "René Lalique," a French glass craftsman who was active in the 19th to 20th centuries. He devised materials and techniques to mass-produce highly artistic and high-quality perfume bottles and tableware, thereby realizing low prices, and his works became widely used in people's daily lives. The name "R.L" expresses our desire to carry on his spirit.

About the concept color

R.L's concept colors are "black and red." It is not "red and black." Black, for example, is deepened by adding a layer of red once in the process of lacquering lacquer. We believe that red as an accent color is necessary to present black as "true black."

We also want to utilize Japanese design and sensibilities in the space surrounding the waffles. The dark ink-like black used for the walls of our store represents the image of black fence seen in the old Japanese houses. We use this black for our product packaging, as well. When you take the black box out of the red bag and open the lid, you feel the beauty of the colorful array of small waffles. The idea was to offer a compact experience of the R.L world.

About the product

R.L products, with the highest attention to ingredients and manufacturing methods in our factory, are made in our own factory (with some exceptions). We use our own original mix and pay attention to daily changes in temperature and humidity, so our waffles are moist and fluffy. By handling everything from product planning and development to manufacturing and sales, we can consistently provide high-quality waffles at low prices. In recent years, we adopted quick freezing technology to preserve the freshness, striving to provide safe and secure products to our customers with thorough hygiene management.